As a music artist,

we want you to focus all of your time and energy on creativity – let us do the rest.

Thoughtful Media has created a full suite of business tools for music artists to protect, monetize and distribute their content.

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Music Protection

Allow us to leverage YouTube Content ID to ensure that your music is protected from use without your permission. With Content ID, you can either earn revenue from videos using your songs or block the use of your music entirely.

Music Video Monetization

Thoughtful Media works with global advertisers and agencies to drive ad dollars to your content. We drive advertiser awareness and attention to your channels, in order to help increase monetization.

Music Distribution

Distribute your music to all of the major global streaming services, e-retailers, and social media networks. We get your music where people are listening!

Global Music Collaborations

Looking to expand into larger markets like Asia, South America or the US? Search our global network of music creators and collaborate on future projects. Make your music truly global.

Music Licensing Opportunities

We work with hundreds of YouTube creators and media companies looking for great music to add into their videos. We’ll help expose your music to our growing network of content creators.

Customer Service

Dealing with a copyright claim and can’t get answers from YouTube? Allow us to help! Our network team is in direct communication with YouTube. We’ll get you answers, fast.

Streaming Partners