Our Mission

To provide marketers with the most thoughtful and impactful solutions, leveraging the unique power of the world’s most influential video creators with their audiences.

By tapping into the best and brightest social creators and influencers available, we provide brands with a unique opportunity to make an authentic connection that is both genuine and effective. We break with the norms of standard advertising by connecting consumers with people they like, relate to, and trust.

Our Goal

Our goal is to elevate brands in the minds of consumers everywhere in a way that goes well beyond just the message. Our aim is to be personal, meaningful and impactful by activating the oldest and most effective form of advertising – word of mouth.


Are we a Multi-Platform Network? The short answer is yes. We do operate MPNs globally, in fact, we operate the largest MPN in China (the biggest video viewing market on Earth). However, we are decidedly different than most MPNs.

Thoughtful Media puts a lot of effort into the details. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with influencers and our understanding of how their audiences will positively impact brands. Our approach is unique because we feel that authenticity and integrity are paramount. We do our utmost to work with influencers who genuinely want to represent a brand. We refuse to shoehorn in talent simply because they are available.

It is core to our process that we rigorously evaluate the needs of our clients, carefully select the best creative partners, and work collaboratively to make sure that all parties are happy with the end results. Our aim is to always be an MPN with a heart for creators and a mind for business.

5161 Lankershim Blvd, Suite 250, North Hollywood, CA  91601